I keep coming back to this Historical area for a number of reasons, but there is no one specific one that I can think of.  Most of it is because there might be something different that you’ll see or find that you didn’t know about before.  Nothing really changes here, except the people riding bikes here, running the Towpath, or just walking the area for some quiet.  Although, it does change during the Fall and Winter months.  During the Fall all the trees turn colors and Mother Nature puts on Her best dress for all to see.  The Winter, when it snows, makes it take on a whole new look.  All dressed up in White from the snow.  The cement drain in the forground is for when the old Canal starts filling with water, so it is drained into the River that is on the right and out of the Image.  The Outline in the grass is where the old Canal used to be long ago.  Since then it has gone over-grown with trees and shrubs.  The water and boats are long gone.


Here is just one example of the Towpath that splits into 2 different paths.  The one on the extreme left is the orginial part of the Towpath.  The other one leads to a over=look for the Schuykill River.  There is a resting chair for all to use in case you get wore out from walking, riding, etc.  The wooden marker with the W is for a Historical marker that tells you that something was once here many years ago, but what it was I don’t really know.  I would have to ask about that.


While walking along, I happen to notice this tree that was full of these flowers.  Had no idea what it was other than it was pretty.  Found out later, its call “Fire & Ice”.  Now just where they got that name for it, I have no idea.  Where is the Fire and Ice here?

Now, this is just some of the reasons I come here during the year.  Not one specific thing.  Just many.

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