About 3 yrs. ago, I decided to purchase a Butterfly Bush, because I had seen one at a good friends of ours in their backyard.  It had a bunch of pretty Butterfly’s hovering around and it in, so I asked what it was and where they got it.  They bought it from one of our local garden places and have had it ever since.  It was a pretty big bush, but it took years to grow to the size that I saw.

So, I went down to the gardener, and asked to see one of these bushes.  They had 3 of them left over.  I asked how to plant them and a few other questions, and then bought one to bring home and see what I can do.


It was just a little bush then, but I planted it the way I was told and waited.  Unknown to me, at the time, good ole’ Man Winter came around and did his worst.  That Winter, 3 yrs. ago, was so cold, snowy, windy, and full of sleet, that I wondered if the poor bush would live.  As that Winter kept on, with temps down into the minus side, I was sure it was a gonner!

Spring finally came around, but there was very little change in the appearance.  No flowers, and no green growth.  However, lo & behold later on during last summer it started to show signs of Life!!  Some green stalks, leaves, and flowers started to appear!  Wow, she was not dead like I thought.

This past Winter was not too bad.  Not like before.  When Spring came this year, the bush started showing more and more Life with flowers and green leaves.  Great!  Now, the bush has grown to what you see above.  It’s more than twice the size that it was.  It now has butterfly’s, moths, bumble bees, and other pretty insects all flying around it.  Looks like a had a “green thumb” after all!


The above Image is one of the Butterfly’s that came to visit.  Not sure what type this is, but it was so pretty, I could not resist taking this shot, when it stood still long enough.  I also found out how and when to trim them for the next year.  The bush is also called a Buddleia.

Thanks for reading and stopping by.