The Shady Maple Restaurant is a place that I have been going to for over 20 yrs.  Located down in Lancaster County, it is a very well known place to eat and draws people that are hungry for great food from all over the area.  The place is huge.  This is just a small portion of what is here.  People are lined up here to pay $17.00 for a buffet of great Dutch food.  There are different prices for Senior Citizens.

Behind what you see here is a large dinning area that can seat hundreds of people at one time.  Each dinning area has separate tables for 2, 4, 6, or 8 people at one time.  They also accept Tour Bus’s that unload 40 or more people at once! 

The food is always good.  Buffet style, you serve yourself, with many different choices of food that is offered.  From Steak, Roast Beef, Corn, Mashed Potatoes, and much, much more you can stuff yourself till you can’t walk!  You can eat as much as you want, but can’t take it out with you.  It is considered shop lifting, if you do so.   Soda, coffee, tea, juice of all kinds are all here.  The Ice Cream is always a big hit here.  They have Vanilla & Chocolate with several types of toppings.  Fresh Homemade Dutch Pie’s are there also, plus several different types of cake.

After you have had your fill of food, you can go down-stairs and walk around the huge gift shop that sells just about everything you’d want.  Hand built tables, desks, cabinets for your kitchen and many, many different trinkets for all that enjoy.  Candles are a big seller all the time.  Hand made Quilts are also there, but are very pricy!  The Dutch people sew and put together these Quilts in different patterns.  They vary in price from $100.00 all the way up to and over $1000.00!  They are very warm for cold Winter nights.  Well worth the money you spend. Like I stated before, I’ve been coming here for over 20 yrs.  I have never, ever had a bad meal here.  I’ve always over eaten myself that I can hardly walk out the door!  The place is open all week long for Breakfast & Dinner, but close’s up after that.  It’s not open on a Sunday, either.  The reason for this is that the PA Dutch people do not believe in working on a Sunday.  That’s their time for church.  I know that I and my Wife, will continue to come here.


Thanks for stopping by and reading.