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About twice a year, I get in the car, and take a drive down into Amish Country to see what’s there and what has changed.  One of the favorite towns I always walk around in is Intercourse, PA  This small Amish town is a big huge tourist attraction because of all the Amish & Mennonite shops, stores, and the Amish people themselves.  It’s not a big place, but has much to see for the average tourist that has never seen a Amish or Mennonite Horse & Buggy.  The main street in Intercourse always has buggy’s going and coming up and down the road.  Most people, like me, are used to seeing them, so I don’t pay that much attention to them.  I just walk around and keep a camera eye open for something different.  The above Image is of 2 Amish carriages that pulled into a Amish Hardware Store, where you can buy just about anything that is needed for the farm including Hat’s & Clothing.  What I should have done is take a look inside the store just to see what was in there, but I didn’t.

DSC_0949!watching every move I made and where I went.  I think he was interested in the camera stuff I had with me.  When the Grandfather got in the carriage and started to back away, the boy waved to me Goodbye and they went on their way.


These Horses are just two out of the four that pull the Tourist people around the town for a carriage ride.  The ride lasts about a half hour, and your taken down one of the back roads, then back to the place here.  It’s not much of a ride, but it seems to draw a whole lot of people.  These horses, if you are wondering, are very well cared for.  They are brushed and washed off at the end of each trip.  They are also fed very well.  They only offer rides like this for 4 hours.  Then the horse’s go back to the stable for the next day’s work.


Now, remember the Movie, Witness starring Harrison Ford & Kelly McGillus?  Well, this is the old general store where Harrison Ford made that phone call to his buddy.  Of course, there is no pay phone here and never was.  The old Hotel was built in 1847 and was a carriage stop years ago.  A number of the scenes from Witness were shot in this town.  The Farm were Ford stayed while he was healing in the movie, is just down the road about a mile away.  The original stands where you tie up your horse are still there, just like in the movie.


Just happen to be walking around and I spotted these Rose’s that just begged to be photographed.  They were just so pretty.


That’s it for Intercourse.  There is so much more to see around Amish County you have to come up to this area and see for yourself


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