The area around where I live is starting to take on a new look.  It’s time for the Changing of The Seasons.

It’s starting to get darker allot faster with the sun going down at a much earlier time.  The weather is getting much cooler at night with the daylight hours being not as warm as before.  It’s that time of the year when the day’s and nights turn cooler.  The leaves are just starting to change into their new color.  Soon, the leaves will turn into brilliant reds, greens, yellows, and browns heralding the Fall Season.

This is one of my favorite times of the whole year.  The air has a smell of freshness.  Nice cool air and not oppressive with heat like we had before.  It’s that time of the year when the temp. goes up during the day and down at night.  Good walking around with the camera weather.  I get “out there” now while I can, before it turns too darn cold.  Up in the Northern part of PA, the leaves have started to change and will reach their peak in about 2 weeks.  Here, we are most always 2 weeks behind them.  Full color does not happen until the latter part of October.


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Back in the 1960’s this is the ole’ High School that my Wife attended and graduated from in 1965.


Back then going to school was not all that easy for her.  She and most of her friends that lived around her had to walk to walk about 1.5 miles to attend High School.  For her and others there was no school bus service, so walking was the main mode of transportation.  Getting up early, dressed and ready to attend class’s here was a everyday thing until graduation.  The school, back then looked a bit different than what it does now.  The front cement wall is the original wall for the school.  The front extension was never there.  It was added on years later.  The Main entrance to the school was the doorway you see in the middle of the building.


Of course, like me, there was no air-conditioning at all.  There was no carpeted floors.  No fancy desks, and no “white boards” like today.  The heating system was fed by coal and did work well, but at times, it would get a bit chilly in the school because Winter here can get nasty.  Sitting in classrooms that were a bit on the cold side was common then.  The school had no cafeteria at all.  No place to sit and eat for lunch.  Most all the kids back then had to walk back home, eat, and then return to school for the afternoon.  It didn’t matter what the weather was.  Snow, sleet, rain, wind, or heat.  It was all the same for them.


Since those day’s of long ago, the school has put on a much better look.  It has now being used as a Elementary School.


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I’m guessing that by now you just might be getting tired of Historical Postings, so let’s move on to something else that goes on around here.


Every year, at this time, the Oley Valley has the Fair that most of the people in the area enjoy.  The Fair has been coming here for as long as I can remember.  I can remember it being here when I was in High School back in the early 60’s.  It was a big thing then, and still is to this day.  The Fair runs for 4 day’s with lot’s of great food to eat, displays, livestock, farm equipment for sale, and of course the Fair rides that the younger generation likes.  The Ferris Wheel is a big attraction, as is the Slide off to the left of this Image.

The Ferris Wheel is one ride that I have disliked my whole Life.  I’m afraid of heights, so that would mean I don’t care to stop at the top!


There is some Livestock here.  Here this young Lady is getting the Lamb ready for Judgment and hope that she wins a Blue Ribbon.


Here’s another, but a different type of Lamb/Sheep.


There is also Judging on Flower arrangements and how well, colorful they are put together.  Looks like this one got a Blue Ribbon.


I liked this one because of the Butterfly’s in the arrangement.

Thought this one was a bit different.  Have no idea what type it is.


The Oley Fair is something that I’ve been too so many times in the past, that I don’t stay here very long.  The only reason I came here is for the great food, and see some people that I’ve known for many years.  I also walk around with my camera gear, and hope to see something different.


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In walking & driving around the Coal Mining town of Shenandoah, I happen to see this Historical marker placed on the side of a back street.

Here it shows what happened here many years ago, that most people don’t know about.  During the early day’s of when Coal was King in this area, there were a few strikes against the Coal Companies.  Ones like this one got a little nasty, because the working condition’s in the Mines must have been bad.  Hundreds of Miners went on strike to have their demands met.  At some of them, Miners were killed by shootings or beat to death.  They fought for what they thought was right.  It probably was.  I don’t really know if all this happened right at this spot, but it was sure to be close by.  There was nothing else here to show what happened in this area, except this sign to show for all to know.


There was some more things I’ve noticed.  Like I stated in my previous Blog about Shenandoah, there were a number of abandoned & burned out homes.  Seems that for some reason there were many structure fires.  Just why, I don’t really know.  Maybe because the homes are old and caught fire for either one reason or another.


Here’s some more.  However, with this it looks as if the whole block almost went up in flames.  This one involved some other homes.  Don’t have any clue which one started the whole thing, but I’ll bet this was a real mess to put out.  These buildings just might be torn down.  Going to take a lot to rebuild.


On my way Home, I saw this abandoned building.  I have no idea what it used to be, but it’s another neglected piece of History that no one seems to care about. 

On a side note, I apologize for all the stupid wires that I just can’t avoid when shooting these Images.  Going to learn how to make them disappear.


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