Here is one of the reasons that I have not Posted much lately.  It’s our Outdoor Shed that sits in the back of our Home.  It’s been here for just over 30 yrs. and was in dire need of some major work on it.  The siding had to be replaced, along with the trim.

I’ve been working on this time and time again, trying to avoid buying a brand new one that tends to get a bit pricy depending on what you buy.  So instead of investing in a new shed I thought that I’d give it a new look.

This Shed house’s most of my outdoor tools, such as the Lawn Mower, the Snowblower, scraps of wood, rakes, shovels, my bicycle, and a wheel barrow that I use around the yard when needed.  I installed all new 4 x 8 sheets of weather treated plywood and put on new painted red trim.  The white fence on the bottom was the Wife’s idea and so were the Flowers on the side and front.  To make the Flowers I cut out the green stems and the leaves using my Jig Saw, then spray painted them green.  The “Flower” part is a old car hub cap’s that I found laying around the junk yard not far away.  All I did was spray paint them a different color and attach them to the shed.  It was not hard to do, just very time consuming.  I will be putting on new Black letters that I cut out using a Scroll Saw that will show our house number.


This photo is for one of my Followers that wanted to see what the Town of Centralia looks like.  Taken last year in the early Spring, it shows that there is not much left at where the back yards of homes used to be.  Just a empty, barren waste land.  By now the place is pretty much over-grown with weeds and trees.  You have to know what was once here.

 Thanks for stopping by and reading.


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