While taking a drive up to the Historic Coal Mining town of Shenandoah, PA you have to travel up RT 61 North to where the highway splits off into RT 54 that runs right into Shenandoah.  Just before entering the town you travel down a incline and then back up another, like what is shown here.

Little do some people know that this was once the sight of the Mahoney Plane where when Coal was King, Coal was hauled up and down the mountain by means of a Incline Plane.  The Incline Plane was located right here at this spot.  The Plane was built by Irish immigrants in the early 1800’s and provided a means of moving Tons of Coal from one mountain to another.  It was powered by a 6000 hp engine that moved Coal cars up and down the mountain at the same time.

Coal cars, left, wait to be hoisted from the foot of the Mahanoy Plane in this 1890s image.

Coal cars, left, wait to be hoisted from the foot of the Mahanoy Plane in this 1890s image.

6,000-hp. engines were world’s most powerful



The above Image, that is not my picture, is what the Incline Plane looked like back when Coal was King.  Most people don’t even take notice of the Historic sign that is placed along side the busy highway to show what once used to be here.  I must give credit to Donald for placing these Images of the old Plane on the Internet.  Without them I could not show History from the past.


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Built around 1834 this is the main seat for Schuylkill County.




This old Prison is still in use to this day.  It still houses some inmates that broke the Law.



Rather than me going into a big explination of what happened here long ago, read what it say’s.  It does a much better job than what I can.

The “Molly Maguires” were a Coal Mining group that tried to bring better working condition’s in the many mines that were in the area when Coal was King here.  What very little I know about this, is that the Mollies were all over Schuylkill County.  They were in the working Mines of Buck Run, Centralia, Shenandoah, Eckley, Minersville, and many others.  Working conditions in the early day’s of mining were not good at all.  Very long hours, low pay, cave in’s, and many other hazards of the hard working job took the Lives of many of the Miners of that era.

There is another Prison, located in Jim Thorpe, PA that housed more of the Mollies.  4 more of the Mollies were hanged in that location at about the same time.  One thing about that Prison is before one of the Mollies was hanged, he stated “If I am innocent of these charges against me, let this hand print on the wall remain here forever.”  To this day, the hand print remains where it was placed!  Despite every conceivable method to remove it, short of tearing the wall down, it still is there!  I’ve seen this for myself!


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