I’m guessing that by now you just might be getting tired of Historical Postings, so let’s move on to something else that goes on around here.


Every year, at this time, the Oley Valley has the Fair that most of the people in the area enjoy.  The Fair has been coming here for as long as I can remember.  I can remember it being here when I was in High School back in the early 60’s.  It was a big thing then, and still is to this day.  The Fair runs for 4 day’s with lot’s of great food to eat, displays, livestock, farm equipment for sale, and of course the Fair rides that the younger generation likes.  The Ferris Wheel is a big attraction, as is the Slide off to the left of this Image.

The Ferris Wheel is one ride that I have disliked my whole Life.  I’m afraid of heights, so that would mean I don’t care to stop at the top!


There is some Livestock here.  Here this young Lady is getting the Lamb ready for Judgment and hope that she wins a Blue Ribbon.


Here’s another, but a different type of Lamb/Sheep.


There is also Judging on Flower arrangements and how well, colorful they are put together.  Looks like this one got a Blue Ribbon.


I liked this one because of the Butterfly’s in the arrangement.

Thought this one was a bit different.  Have no idea what type it is.


The Oley Fair is something that I’ve been too so many times in the past, that I don’t stay here very long.  The only reason I came here is for the great food, and see some people that I’ve known for many years.  I also walk around with my camera gear, and hope to see something different.


Thanks for stopping by and reading.