Back in the 1960’s this is the ole’ High School that my Wife attended and graduated from in 1965.


Back then going to school was not all that easy for her.  She and most of her friends that lived around her had to walk to walk about 1.5 miles to attend High School.  For her and others there was no school bus service, so walking was the main mode of transportation.  Getting up early, dressed and ready to attend class’s here was a everyday thing until graduation.  The school, back then looked a bit different than what it does now.  The front cement wall is the original wall for the school.  The front extension was never there.  It was added on years later.  The Main entrance to the school was the doorway you see in the middle of the building.


Of course, like me, there was no air-conditioning at all.  There was no carpeted floors.  No fancy desks, and no “white boards” like today.  The heating system was fed by coal and did work well, but at times, it would get a bit chilly in the school because Winter here can get nasty.  Sitting in classrooms that were a bit on the cold side was common then.  The school had no cafeteria at all.  No place to sit and eat for lunch.  Most all the kids back then had to walk back home, eat, and then return to school for the afternoon.  It didn’t matter what the weather was.  Snow, sleet, rain, wind, or heat.  It was all the same for them.


Since those day’s of long ago, the school has put on a much better look.  It has now being used as a Elementary School.


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