This road is what’s known as Rebers Covered Bridge Road for a reason.

Back many years ago, there was a Red covered bridge here.  Known as Rebers Covered Bridge it stood here where you see the black & yellow signs on either side of the road.  Back then there was no safety rails or a macadam road like there is now.  Just a plain dirt road that led up to the Bridge that spans the Schyukill River below.  There were no motorized cars then.  They came along later.  Horse & Buggy were the main transportation.

The Bridge stood here for many years, until a heavy truck tried to cross over it.  The truck was to heavy for the bridge to support, being it was made of only heavy wood.  The truck and it’s cargo fell thru the bridge and into the river about 20 feet below.

The driver got out with only minor injuries and the cargo was recovered.  However, the old Covered Bridge was not able to recover.  Allot of the heavy timbers were broken beyond repair.  The road was closed for a long time until the Covered Bridge could be torn apart and a new steel bridge could be built in it’s place.  This is what you see today.

The only structure left of the Covered Bridge is the stone supports that are still on the right and left side of the road.

It is a shame that this Covered Bridge was lost into History.  Only those who know what used to be here remember that a important part of our History is gone forever.  There are only 4 or 5 Covered Bridges left, so far.  Most all are taken care of to preserve the Heritage of this area.

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