Back in 1965 when I was aboard this US Navy Destroyer, I didn’t give much thought on how much the Navy would change in the future years.  Back then I thought that what I was aboard was one of the better Destroyers that the Navy had.  Little did I know back then, that this “Tin Can” was one of the older ships in the Navy.  It was not quite as modern as some of the other ones, but it seemed to be OK for the time I was in.  The picture above was taken the day we entered Sydney on R&R after the gun line in Vietnam.  We enjoyed our visit “down under” very much.

Since those day’s long ago, the US Navy has changed a whole lot.


This is the new modern Navy.  It’s a long stride ahead from what I used to have compared to what is now.  These ships of the US Navy are now more sleeker looking.  They have so much better firepower than before.  They are faster and can track quite a number of targets at one time.  These ships can put a 35 knot wind over the bow in less than 5 minutes!  That’s movin’ at sea!!  They don’t have as many crew members as before.  Allot of the controls of the ships are done with computers now.  The fire control systems are now computer controlled, including the Bridge. The engines that drive the ship are not really boiler driven.  They now have Electric Turbine and Steam Driven Turbine engines that can drive the ship so much faster thru the sea than before.  It’s truly amazing how much technology has changed over the years.  It will continue to change even more as technology advances further and further.

In honesty, I would not mind going aboard one of these new sleek Destroyers, just to see how much has changed since my day’s.  I can just bet that it would be another experience that I’d enjoy.

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