This statue of the Blessed Mother has been in my Wife’s family for many years.  Before she had it, her Great Grandmother had this, and who knows before that.  The date imprinted, as you can see, is 1830.  Now, weather it was made before this date, I don’t know.

So, since She has been around for so long, I thought that I’d give Her a remake by painting as close as I possibly can to the original color.  Some of the color’s have faded away over time, but I still can make out what they used to be long ago.  The round area in the front of the statue is for a small “tee light” placed in a red holder.  I have done some asking around to find out if She is worth anything, but was told that it is not worth anything, except sentimental value.  Good enough for me.  I don’t think Eileen would sell this anyway.

It’s going to take some time to paint Her right.  I do have the colors that are needed.  Some of the area’s are hard to reach and take a steady hand to keep Her nice.  When She is done, I’ll show you all how She came out.  I apologize for the Image quality.  Taken with my phone camera.


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