One of the things I do on nice day’s is drive around the back country roads looking for something to photograph.  The Country roads often supply you with nice homes that are off the beaten path.  Such as this one.

Probably, at one time in the past, this was a single 2-story old home.  You can tell if the home is older just by looking at the brick work on the original structure, which I am assuming is the center part of the home.  Now, this owner has taken this old home and added on to it making it much nicer than before.

In driving around back Country roads you never know what is around the next corner on roads you’ve never been on.  There are so many back roads here in the Historic Oley Valley.  Sometimes I get lost, and not sure just where I am.  I usually find my way around.


Just down the road a bit from the home I just pictured before is this old Barn.  It looks as if no one has used it in a long time.  I say this because while “snooping around” there was no one here.  Nothing.  Someone owns this and must take care of it, but not much.  The grass is mowed, and there is a old cow water tough there, but it has not been used in a long time.  No cattle around anywhere.  The ole’ Barn is just fading away into History.  Behind me and out of this Image is the Farm house.  It also look’s neglected.  No one there, either.  Empty that I could see.  I wonder why?

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