One of the things that my Grandmother loved to do was paint on canvas.  This is one of them that she painted before I was born.  I’m not sure of the year it was done, but I’m thinking around 1946.  It’s the only painting that she did that was not signed on the lower right hand corner.  Usually she signed it “Lucy” for her name .  .  .  Lucy Jane (Spears) Johnson.  This was painted by her from her memory of the Lighthouse in Ship Bottom, NJ.  Now, the Lighthouse is called the Barnequet Lighthouse.  Sorry about the Image quality.  My Grand Mother painted 3 others on canvas.  The other 2 are of Lily’s and are in the possession of my Brother.  She also painted a Serving Tray that hangs on my Wall here in the Den.


This is NOT my Image, but this is what the Lighthouse looks like today.  Sometimes it’s called “old Barney”.  The Lighhouse has gotten a good work over since the time she painted it on canvas.

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