Instead of writing about something in History, which I think I may do too much of, I’m going to go out on a different limb, so to speak, and Post about some other things that are truly about me.  Normally, I don’t say much about my personal Life, but I think I’ll give some of it a try and see what happens.

One of the things I’ve been thinking about doing is keeping a Journal about my Life in the past & present.  The reason for this is when I’m gone from this World I want some people to know what is true about me and what is not.  No one, but NO ONE, will see this Journal until I’m dead and gone.  Not even my Wife!  It will be kept private until after my death.  Then who-ever gets it can open it and read what I have said about the passing years.  There are some things I want set straight because I have been accused of doing things I never did.  It will be my last speak from the past from me!

There are some problems with this, however.  If I keep a Journal on-line what happens if my computer fails?  I’ll loose everything I have put down on paper.  I do have a program very similar to the one pictured above.  I like it and it looks nice and it’s easy to use.  Maybe what I should do is print out what I say, and keep it hidden somewhere.  I also have another problem.  I have in my head what I want to say, and it’s going to be allot, but I have trouble getting it from my head down on paper/screen!  If you all understand what I go through.

So, I’m going to give this a good try and see how I like it as I go along.

2 thoughts on “KEEPING A JOURNAL

  1. If you have an iPhone or an iPad, check out the Day One journal in the App Store. I have been using this app to journal for several years. The journal is backed up in iCloud, but I back it up from time-to-time on my computer as well.

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