Well, I hope that all of you out there have had a very filling and enjoyable Thanksgiving.  I sure did.  I always eat to much!

So, this is a re-post on the old building that I shot in the Coal Mining town of Shenandoah, PA.  I really did not like the other Image of it, so I’ve edited the photo to make it look better.  What I did was take out allot the the darn wires that I dislike in my photo’s.  I also took out the distracting telephone pole that was on the left corner.  I took out some of the weeds left growing around the building.  This one I like better.

This old building has been here for a long time.  It has a weathered look to it.  I never could find out what it was or used for.  In my opinion it might have been a ice storage place or something close.  A factory that produced something years ago and employed many people.  Wish I could have gained access to the inside to see what’s in there.  Just to find out what it was.  There are many buildings in Shenandoah that are like this.  It’s a old Coal Mining town, so much of what used to be is no more since Coal is no longer King.