Elvis Lives to this day!

This is a Elvis Clock that we had bought last year.  My Wife just loves Elvis and just about everything she can find, read, or listen to.  We saw this Clock in a advertisement, so we decided to buy it.

The Clock plays 6 different Elvis songs from his heyday on the Rock & Roll Charts before 1977.  Love me Tender, Jailhouse Rock, Hound Dog, and others are played on the hour with Elvis coming out of that silver square door at the very top.  He sings for about 15 sec. then goes back into the clock just like a coo Coo clock would do, except there is no bird.  Elvis is the bird!

There was one problem with this.  Hearing Elvis sing Jailhouse Rock at 3:00 in the morning was not good, so we turned the volume down.  Now, we don’t hear it except for being in the room itself.  I must admit that this is a nice looking clock and works well.

Have a great New Year to all!




A few day’s before Christmas Eve this year, I started thinking about going to my ole’ Church for their Christmas Eve Candle Light Service.  I decided to go.

This is the same Church that I was Confirmed in back in the early 60’s.  I apologize for the Image quality.  Was taken with my Phone.  The ole’ Church has under gone some changes since my Sunday’s here every morning, but it is still pretty much the same.

The Pews have changed.  A few of them have been removed to give people in wheel-chairs a place to be farther forward than before.  The Chapel now has a screen hanging down with the Service Hymns words so people can sing along.  You can also read the Scriptures on the screen as the Pastor reads them.  In the back, behind me and out of the Image, is the new over-flow area that now has soft plush chairs for our Senior members.  It has gotten bigger than years ago.  There are also new Table Lamps along side the chairs for the congregation to read along.  And with all that, the Church has gotten much bigger with new Sunday School Rooms, and Social Quarters.  It has grown much over the passing years.

I have many memories of this Lutheran Church.  Being a teen-age back then, I had to attend every Church Service on each Sunday until I was a confirmed member of the Congregation.  There was no air-conditioning then.  An open window was for air during the Summer when it was hot.  Now, the whole Church has air.  There are now padded seats that I never had before.  The Candle Light Service, with all the lighted candles, makes the Chapel take on a new look.  It’s pretty when all the electric lights are turned off, to leave nothing but candle light to see and sing.  I will return here, again.

Happy Holidays!






More than 60 yrs. have past since this photo was taken of my Grandmother and me standing on N. 5th St. in Hamburg, PA.  Back then my Home was just to the left of the picture where the sidewalk is.  There was no macadam back then.  The Home in the background is the Becker Farm with the barn just behind it.  Further up the street is the Alenbach Home and on up is what we called “Sugar’s Hill” that is still there to this day.


The White arrows show where a Interstate Highway went thru the area back in 1952(?).  Our Home was moved to another location, while the Becker Farm was torn down to make way for the Interstate Highway.  Where we are standing, is now a cement Bridge that traverses the Interstate Highway.  The rest of the road up has long been paved.


The area here does not look all that different with the exception of the Highway.  However, to someone who does not know what used to be there they would have no idea.


Happy Holidays to All!





This Image is one of my favorite shots that I took with my Pentax K10d Camera using the 18-55mm Pentax Lens.  The star-light highlights were done using my PXPX7 Program and not with a Star lite filter, because I don’t have one.  Guess that I should order one for shots such as these.

Happy Holidays




As I had stated in one of my other Posts, I was going to start writing about my Life in a Journal.  Well, I have started doing this and so far I’m up to going to Grade School.

The Journal that I am using is called Efficent Diary Pro.  I got this off the Internet by down-loading a Trial for a period of time.  It’s very similar to the one shown above, but does have some differences to it.  I found that I liked what it had to offer, so I paid for the full version and started from there.  I can add pictures to my entries, change colors, and lot’s of other “bells & whistles.”

One small problem I’m having trouble with, is remembering back more than 50 yrs. ago and then put it all on paper.  It’s not quite as easy as you might think.  I have to go way back in time with my memory.  I’m sure that I may forget some things, but not much.  I still remember lot’s of things from long ago.



Here is another game that I used to play so long ago.  Called Box Hockey, the picture shows just how it was.  It was a fast and furious game to play!

The object of the game is to get the “ball” or puck into your opponents hole and to the outside.  One opponent would try to get the ball past you, while you are trying to do the same thing in the opposite direction.  The game would start by placing the puck on top of the middle partition.  On the count of 3 each player tried to get that puck off, and thru those holes while you try to stop him.

This is a game that I have not seen for a long time.  There was one at the Park in Hamburg, PA where I spent alot of time as a young boy.  It, of course, is long gone.  Only the spot remains where it used to be.  There used to be lot’s of “skinned shines” scrapes, cuts, and bruises from this game.  I know.  I was one of them.  Again, if there was no “puck” to use we used most anything that looked like one, and that could stand the abuse.  A baseball was a favorite.  Even a large stone was used.  I’m sure that this game has faded into History.



While I was up in Hamburg, PA my ole’ home town, I happen to notice in a play yard a Hop-Scotch Game drawn on the sidewalk by some of the children that were in the area.  I almost could not believe what I was seeing!  The Game that I used to play when I was a young boy, is still around.  I have not seen anything like this in many, many years.  I thought that this game had faded into History and no one played it anymore.  Do you remember this?

Most of the time us kids would play the game in our school yard.  The Game was already painted on the play yard for us.  Normally the game is played with a “Hop-Scotch” Heel from a old shoe that we would find in a box set aside for us at the local shoe maker just down the street.  He always threw out the old heels into the box for us to use.  If we didn’t have a heel to use, a stone or anything else could be used to play.

The Game starts by throwing the heel/stone/ or what-ever was used into square #1.  Then you had to “hop” on 1 leg into the square without touching the edges or other lines, and hop back.  Thus the name of the game.  This was done each time, going higher in the numbers until you reached a time that you either fell over, dropped the heel/stone, or stepped on a solid line.  Then it was the next person’s turn.  All this was done by hopping thru the numbers until you got to #7.  This one you could place both your feet in.  It was the only square you could do this.  The winner of the game is the one who hopped in all the squares, and picked up the heel on 1 leg, and hopped back.  Then the game started again in the same manner.  However, this time you had to use a different foot!!  If you were using your right, now you’d have to use your left one.

Well, that’s how we played it.  There probably are lot’s of other types of the game.  I noticed the the game still has the squares as they always were, but there now is no rounded part at the top, like we had.  The squares are a bit bigger.  Ours were not, thus making it harder to hop into the “box” and pick up the heel without touching the white line.

Like I had stated before.  I had thought this long time ole’ game from my childhood had faded away into History.  Looks like I was wrong.  That’s a good thing to see that the younger generation still remembers.