I had taken this Image last year when it had snowed so bad.  I’m pretty sure that I have posted this before, but not sure.  The problem I have is that I never really know what I post about or not.  I think that I might have made Posts here about the same thing, but have a problem remembering.

Anyway, I took this Image from my archives because I wanted to give it more of a Soft look that I can do with my Editing Software.  When I took this shot, it was quite cold, but no wind.  Just kinda bitter cold if you know how that is.  My feet were warm in the snow, but I still had that age old problem of keeping my fingers and hands warm.

I’m not sure if I got this right or not.  It looks like the Image below, but not quite.


This is not my Image, so I can take no credit for shooting this.  However, this is what I’m trying to do.  Give my Images more of a soft, but sharp look to them.  Any help would be appreciated if you know how to do this.  Thanks in advance.

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    1. This wooden, covered bridge is known as the Wertz Covered Bridge. It is just one of the few covered bridges left around my area. At one time this Bridge was located a few miles down the river and was re-located to it’s present location. It is maintained by the Heritage Canal Center year round. Back in the 1800’s this bridge did actually have horse & buggy’s crossing over it. They are also known as “kissing bridges.”

  1. It’s always a treat to go back and reprocess a previously edited photo. I always feel like I know more than I did when the original was done, and I can maybe improve upon it. I love the soft look of the covered bridge.

  2. Here is my 3 sense …. Take your pics on a low f/stop and then when editing decrease the clarity and contrast/shadows. If you are looking for a dreaming look that should help you out. Also make sure you delete noise to bring a smooth look to the image. 🙂

    1. That Image was edited using my PSPX8 Program. I gave it a “Soft Look” just to see what it does for the fun of it. Normally, I use a ISO of 400 when shooting, and at night I up the speed to around 800 to make it more sensitive to the light. A slow shutter speed will have the shutter open longer. The higher the ISO, the more “noise” you’ll get. Regards, Les

      1. Les, most of my landscapes are taken on ISO 100 and I deliberately look for a slow shutter speed. Most frequently I use f/4.5-5.6. I’ve really been perfecting the soft look and will go to other things when I am ready. I also use filters to make colors pop and to even out the brightness/darkness. A lot of thought goes into my photography. 🙂

      2. Yes, here and there I do use ISO 100 for a landscape shot. That’s why I have a Tripod & a Monopod for this. Shutter speeds are much the same as you. Like, you much thought goes into what I shoot and what I view in the View Finder. I might spend more than 5 min. seeing which looks best and from what perspective.

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