POST #279


Yes, I know that I have no Posted anything for sometime, but I’m still here.

I’m guessing that you have noticed that my Blog format has changed.  One of the things I find a bit hard to do is think of a heading for a title for the Post that I’m writing about.  There are times that I had to sit here and think of something to put there.  So, instead of doing this I’m going to just put a Post Number on it.  There will be sometimes when I do have a Title to put there.  If not, I’ll just put a Post Number like you see above.

I have not been “out there” with my camera’s for awhile now and that’s because the cold weather has arrived here now.  Fall is gone!  Temp’s have been down into the 30’s and supposed to go lower tonight.  Down into the single digits!  I’m not happy with this kind of cold weather, but there is not much that can be done about it.  I just put up with it, like everyone else.  I’m sure that this real cold weather will not last real long, so if I truly want to go “out there” I’ll bundle up real good.  I do have all that is needed.

Last week I was supposed to go to Longwood Gardens with some other photography friends of mine, but that got cancelled because others could not make it.  I don’t really know how to get there from here, so I was going to ride with someone else.  I also was getting a free pass to the Garden instead of paying the $40.00 entrance fee.  But, since that fell apart I had to cancel the trip.  The trip there is still a go, but I have to wait until my “free pass” is going too.  Right now, Longwood Gardens down in Kennett Square near Philadelphia is all dressed up in Holiday Lights.  From what I’ve seen of it, the place is just simply very pretty to see with all the lights and lit up fountains like shown below.


This is just one of the 2 or 3 Fountains that are all lit up for Christmas.  There is also the many, many trees and bushes that have hundreds, if not thousands of Christmas lights in them.  Longwood Gardens has a good reputation for being one of the prettiest places to view at Christmas time.  When I do get there, I am sure to take my Nikon camera and get some practice on shooting lights at night.  The more I do the better!!  I will Post them here.

3 thoughts on “POST #279

    1. Thank you, Laura. Longwood is just outside the City of Philadelphia in Kennett Square. I don’t really know just when I’ll get there, but I’m hoping it will be very soon. It is a amazing place to see!

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