Here is another game that I used to play so long ago.  Called Box Hockey, the picture shows just how it was.  It was a fast and furious game to play!

The object of the game is to get the “ball” or puck into your opponents hole and to the outside.  One opponent would try to get the ball past you, while you are trying to do the same thing in the opposite direction.  The game would start by placing the puck on top of the middle partition.  On the count of 3 each player tried to get that puck off, and thru those holes while you try to stop him.

This is a game that I have not seen for a long time.  There was one at the Park in Hamburg, PA where I spent alot of time as a young boy.  It, of course, is long gone.  Only the spot remains where it used to be.  There used to be lot’s of “skinned shines” scrapes, cuts, and bruises from this game.  I know.  I was one of them.  Again, if there was no “puck” to use we used most anything that looked like one, and that could stand the abuse.  A baseball was a favorite.  Even a large stone was used.  I’m sure that this game has faded into History.

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