As I had stated in one of my other Posts, I was going to start writing about my Life in a Journal.  Well, I have started doing this and so far I’m up to going to Grade School.

The Journal that I am using is called Efficent Diary Pro.  I got this off the Internet by down-loading a Trial for a period of time.  It’s very similar to the one shown above, but does have some differences to it.  I found that I liked what it had to offer, so I paid for the full version and started from there.  I can add pictures to my entries, change colors, and lot’s of other “bells & whistles.”

One small problem I’m having trouble with, is remembering back more than 50 yrs. ago and then put it all on paper.  It’s not quite as easy as you might think.  I have to go way back in time with my memory.  I’m sure that I may forget some things, but not much.  I still remember lot’s of things from long ago.

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