More than 60 yrs. have past since this photo was taken of my Grandmother and me standing on N. 5th St. in Hamburg, PA.  Back then my Home was just to the left of the picture where the sidewalk is.  There was no macadam back then.  The Home in the background is the Becker Farm with the barn just behind it.  Further up the street is the Alenbach Home and on up is what we called “Sugar’s Hill” that is still there to this day.


The White arrows show where a Interstate Highway went thru the area back in 1952(?).  Our Home was moved to another location, while the Becker Farm was torn down to make way for the Interstate Highway.  Where we are standing, is now a cement Bridge that traverses the Interstate Highway.  The rest of the road up has long been paved.


The area here does not look all that different with the exception of the Highway.  However, to someone who does not know what used to be there they would have no idea.


Happy Holidays to All!