More than 60 yrs. have past since this photo was taken of my Grandmother and me standing on N. 5th St. in Hamburg, PA.  Back then my Home was just to the left of the picture where the sidewalk is.  There was no macadam back then.  The Home in the background is the Becker Farm with the barn just behind it.  Further up the street is the Alenbach Home and on up is what we called “Sugar’s Hill” that is still there to this day.


The White arrows show where a Interstate Highway went thru the area back in 1952(?).  Our Home was moved to another location, while the Becker Farm was torn down to make way for the Interstate Highway.  Where we are standing, is now a cement Bridge that traverses the Interstate Highway.  The rest of the road up has long been paved.


The area here does not look all that different with the exception of the Highway.  However, to someone who does not know what used to be there they would have no idea.


Happy Holidays to All!



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  1. Happy holidays, Les! It’s fascinating to look at photos and see how a place has changed over the decades, observe what remains and what has been lost. It’s even more fascinating when you’ve a personal connection to a place.

  2. Yes, Happy Hols to you too Les! Hope your New Year is most enjoyable!! I have found your blog and photos, old and new, very interesting. sad sometimes to see the urban decay and dereliction of old buildings and neighbourhoods. I guess we all have memories of growing up when times were simpler. I too remember the roads and lanes in the area around my Grandmothers house in England in the early 60’s being all dirt, no Tarmac and mostly large deep puddles as it seemed to rain a lot! I have no photos of those times and have not visited there since my Grandmother passed away. Thanks and Best Wishes!

  3. Thank you, Glen, for your comment. There is one problem. I tried to find your Blog but could not find it. No connection for it listed, except your name. Best wishes to you on this Holiday Season.

    1. Ah, Les! That would be because I don’t have a blog, I’ve toyed with the idea and it’s quite appealing! but writings not something I do a lot of generally and I tend to get caught up in how to put stuff down and actually putting it down in an understandable way..but I guess one learns that sort of thing.
      I too like to get out and about with my cameras, Olympus EM-1 and an EM-5. If you were so inclined, you could find me on FB or Google+ although I find the Google app for my iPad slow and frustrating…Happy Wanderings Les! Glen

      1. Ah, now I got it, Glen. I do have the same problem of wondering just what to place on my Blog, what to say, and how. I’m not very good at putting my thoughts down on paper or in this case a Computer Screen. I’m so glad that there are many others out there that have the same problem. They tell me, that it will get better when you do it more and more. I have found that this does work, but to a extent. I have even started a Journal on my Life. It get’s tough trying to remember what happened long ago and then put it down here.

        Here, the weather has a big part on when I go “out there” with my Nikon D7000 or Pentax K10d. I’m not good with cold weather, rain, and wind. However, for the most part I try to find something different to photograph. I’m working on it. Be Well. Les

  4. Thanks Les! Yep, the weather plays a big part for me too but at the other extreme. I cant stand being too hot and here in Perth, Western Australia the summers can get pretty warm with an average temp of 34C, This afternoon on the patio ( in shade ) its 32C with a light breeze but last Wednesday it was 44C! which I think is about 110F for you! That was prior to a bit of a storm and the next day it had dropped back 10 degree’s. The sun is VERY bright and the UV levels are high, so you don’t go out without sunscreen and a hat! Favourite times of the year for me are Autumn and Spring with sprinklings of Summer and Winter! not too bothered by rain, as it doesn’t rain much so its quite exciting when it does!! 🙂 I think you might like this, have a look at this little blog on WordPress, called Stevenwillardimages there’s some good photo’s and interesting musing’s! He’s not actually too far away from you, in Connecticut. Cheer’s!

    1. Yes, Glen, it does get rather Hot & Humid up here in PA during the summer months. Last summer it got to 104 degrees F for a few day’s and that was pretty much. Seems you can’t breath when it’s that warm. As for Winter’s, it can go to the opposite extreme. The temperature can go down below 0 deg. once in a while. Too darn cold for me. The snow can be another factor. Here and there, it might snow more than a foot and be very windy and cold.

      I’m reading that you are from Perth, Australia? Many years ago, while serving in the US Navy my Destroyer took a 4 day visit to Sydney, Australia and also to Wellington, NZ. I remember both places being a outstanding City to visit. The people were so very friendly to us “Yanks” I loved every minute we were there! I hated to leave. Then it was back to the gun line in Vietnam. I will go check out that Blog on WordPress you mentioned. Best Wishes!

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