I’m aware that I have not Posted much of anything lately, but it’s Winter time here, and I don’t get out that much for something to Post.  I’m sure you understand.  About 2 day’s ago, the weather was not all that cold, so I decided to go back to my old school and see what it looks like on the inside.

Above is the old Oley High School that I was enrolled in starting with the 7th Grade, and ending in my 9th Grade because of moving from one school district to another.  It has not changed that much in all those years that have passed by.  It’s still much the same as it was when I was here.  The outside is still structure sound.  The bricks have kept their color for so long.  The door’s in the back were open, so I went inside.  There was a nice Lady there and I asked her if I could Tour the old building which I remember so well.  She told me that I’d have to have to be “Escorted” around the school!  Was not happy about this, but I agreed and waited.  Another Lady came in and said she would take me around the inside of the school.  With camera in hand, off we went.  While walking around and down these hallowed halls, I asked her if the Haunting’s of this school were true.  She told me “Yes, they are very true.”  “I know personally of this.”


This is a view looking down the front of the building where I used to enter for Classes back in the early 60’s.


This is the very front of the school.  The 2 doors on each end is where I entered.  The double doors in the front under the 3 windows lead right into the Gym.  The other windows are for Classrooms and Hallways.


I have been hearing from other people that I know, that this old school is haunted by 2 spirits from the past.  One of the Spirits is a Librarian who was killed in a plane crash back in the late 60’s, and the other Spirit is from the Janitor that seem’d never to leave here. Strange noises are heard here, footsteps in this hallway, and voices from no-ware are here.  The Lady told me that she personally was in the room down the hall on the right when she heard someone talking in the Hall.  Thinking someone was here, she stepped out and took a look.  No one here!


A view of the down-stairs hallway where lights turn off and on for no reason.  Their is no electric here.  Everything electric has been disconnected.


This is what used to be the Gym with the Stage in the background.  That’s not a cross at the top of the stage.  It’s the only original basketball hoop left over.  The Gym floor has been torn up, and those Red walls were never there in my time.  It has now become a storage area for old documents from long ago.  High School Dances were held here on a Saturday night, basketball games, and also served as the Cafeteria in my day.  Voices and footsteps are heard here many times.  No one here at the time.


This Image is one that I’m not sure of, but it’s what I was told.  My Escort told me that this room was totally empty 5 day’s ago. Nothing was in here!  She came down here 3 day’s ago, and found this sitting here!  She had never seen anything like this!  No one put this here that she knows of.  Who did this?

It was interesting for me to see my old school once more. In the near future the school will be torn down to make way for a nice Park of some sort, but the History of it will be remembered.  All those rumors I heard about were true!

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Got some time yesterday to get out with my camera and walk around a bit.  Even though it was cold and a bit windy, all I could come up with is this shot of a lonely bird house that seems to have seen some better day’s.  It’s been here for a long time, and I don’t even know if it get’s used during the Spring & Summer months.  It’s not taken care of, that I could see.  It will just fall apart sooner or later.