OLD #225


A few weeks ago, I noticed this Steam Engine placed on the corner of RT61.  It’s never been here before.  What used to be here was some smaller buildings that were torn down to make way for a new Train Station.  Say what?!  I was told that there was a article in the local paper about it, but since I don’t get a paper, I didn’t see it.

It is being planned to build a Train station just off to the left of this Image.  Ground has been broken to start it, so far.  The Train will run from here to a historic town named Jim Thorpe that is up North of here, and beyond that I don’t know.  This will be a Static Display of the old Engine.  She does not run anymore.  Old #225 was once used to haul Coal from the Coal Region to power plants in and around our area.  Now, on display for all to see.  What other Train will be used, I have no info.  Maybe another Steam Engine?

This will be a nice thing to have here.  When the Station is complete, people can take Train rides up North and beyond instead of driving up there in a car.  How much it will cost, I don’t know.



Hello out there.  It’s me here.  Sorry about the clarity of my Image, but it is me.  Just a bit blurry.  No History post this time.

For the past few months, I’ve been trying to find a Blog for my Site that looks good and one I like.  For either one reason or another, I just can’t seem to find one that is free and that I can stay with.  I keep going into Themes to find one that I’m comfortable with.  I keep changing all the time.  Any suggestions?

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The weather was so nice and warm on Sunday, I packed up my Pentax and headed “out there” to go see what I could find.

Found this old Foundry Site with this huge gear on display.  Being a retired Machinist, this is what’s known as a Herringbone Gear because of the teeth of the gear.  These are big gears and were probably used to drive heavy machinery in the day.  Gears like this are machined separately and then matched together in Assembly.  They in turn, matched another set of gears, thus making the machine run.  The gear shaft is turned on a large Lathe and then Assembled to the mating gears.  The holes you see on the gear face are called “lightening holes” to make the gear lighter to turn.  Thus the name.

Back when this gear was being made, there were no such things like CNC Milling Machines or CNC Lathes (Computer Numerical Controlled) that would turn these huge products from a computer screen.  Of course, someone has to program them!  These gears were made, probably, on a manual Horizontal Milling Machine.  It took quite a while to make one of these.  It’s a long process from a blank piece of heavy steel/iron to make one of these.  I don’t know if I could even do this!

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Last week I was browsing thru Images on Google+ that have been posted by people from all over the world.  I happen to come across Images that were posted by a Lady named Peep.  She had pictures of what the ruts look like from the Pioneers that crossed over on the Oregon Trail more than 100 yrs. ago. on their way West to start a new Life.  The above Image is not mine, so I can not take credit for it.  I got it off one of the Trail web-sites that shows the Wagon Ruts that are left over from the hundreds/thousands of wagons that passed this way.

I viewed some of her shots and became quite interested in what the Oregon Trail was all about.  I then started to view some of the Web sites that are all about it and what the early Pioneers of that time had to endure crossing the States in the Western Frontier.  It came to the point that I even ordered a book about the Trail, which you can see below.



I haven’t started to read this book as of yet, but I’ll get there.  What I would just love to do is take a trip out to Nebraska and see these places for myself, but I don’t think that will ever happen.  It would be nice.  It would be great to actually stand on the old Wagon Trail’s that are still visible in the ground from the hundreds of wagons that traveled West so long ago.  I can only imagine what these early Pioneers had to endure thru their journey West.  They took what they could in their wagons.  No running water, except for what could be found on the trail, not much food to eat, the weather, and who knows how much more.  They were truly people that had to endure for the vision they had of a better Life.

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b002l6he9g-1I guess that it was about 4 years ago, when I bought this Ipod Nano from Best Buy that is near here.  The first time I saw one of these, I liked it.  It was small and compact, could hold a lot of music, and had great sound.  It came with ear buds as most of them do.  I then took the music I had on ITunes and transferred 25 different songs from the 50’s & 60’s Rock & Roll.  I just love the music from that era, when I was in High School.

I used this Player a number of times and it came in very handy.  You can take it anywhere and listen to what you want & the music you down-loaded into it.  I loved it.  Bye, and bye the player got misplaced somewhere here around the house.  I just could not find it anywhere!

I searched all over the place, thinking where could this player be?  After searching for more than 3 day’s I found it!  It was placed in a pouch in a drawer in the kitchen, hidden under some other junk!  Finally, I had my Player back!  Now, I had another problem.  How to find the charger for it.  I looked and found it in a pile of used connections from other electronic things we have.  I connected it to ITunes  and had it charging for about 2 hrs.  After charging, I found it still in working condition after more than 2 years have passed.  Super!

Now, I had another problem that I didn’t expect.  Had trouble transferring more of my Music on to the Player.  It just would not recognize it as it had before.  Why?  I had no idea.  Had to think of what was wrong.  I tried doing the transfer 3 or 4 times, but no deal.  Even went on the ITunes site to see if I could find a solution to my problem.

Well, after trying some different suggestions, on which none worked, I called the ITunes Support.  They were very, very helpful.  I told the Lady on the phone what my problem was and she knew what to do right away.  Here I found that ITunes has changed somewhat, and I was doing it all wrong.  I didn’t know that had changed over the years.  Now, I do.

Now, I have over 50 different songs from the 50’s & 60’s Rock & Roll era on it.  I still can down-load a whole lot more now that I know how to do this.  Great!

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