About 2 day’s ago the weather was nice with temperatures up in the 50’s!  These kind of temp’s here during the Winter are rare.  So, with that in mind I went up to my ole’ High School to see if anything has changed.  On the outside, it’s still much the same as it has been since I was here back in the early 60’s.  The building on the extreme right of this Image was our Cafeteria, where I ate lunch during school hours.  The rest of the building was for classrooms.


This was our Stage and Gym.  This area has been neglected for many years, so I found out later on.  The Gym floor was buckled and in poor shape.  The stage was starting to look old and the whole area needed a up-date.  Well, there have been some things done here and it looks so much, much better.  The Gym floor has been sanded and varnished, the Stage has some new paint and so does the ceiling of the Gym.  Now, they play volleyball here twice a week.  When I was here, Gym class was held here and Saturday nite dances were all here long ago.


This is looking down the 1st floor hallway.  There have been lot’s of changes here from my day’s.  There is carpeting, new lighting, new ceiling, and new paint at places.  Of course, it’s air-conditioned now.  Something I never had.  I can look at this Image as see Ghosts in the hallway of what used to be.  It takes me back in time 50 yrs. ago when Life was much easier than it is now.  The Hallway on the right leads into what used to be the boy’s wood shop.  Now, it’s a Police Office.


Looking down the street at the school from the other end.  Here, again, I can see Ghosts of what used to be.  The sidewalk was full of us teenagers walking home or going to catch the school bus’s that would line up alongside the curb.  Nothing like that exists now anymore.  All of us that were educated here are now gone, and went on into the World that waited for us.  Me?  I left here and went on to join the US Navy to see the world like I always wanted to do.

Thanks for stopping by.


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