Located about 18 miles West of Philadelphia, PA is the Historical Park of Valley Forge where Gen. George Washington camped the 1st Continental Army during the Winter of 1777-1778.  This Park is about a 45 min. drive for me.  I’ve been here on 2 occasions so far.

During the Winter of 77-78 the weather was especially hard that year.  History tells us that it was one of the worst Winters in a long while.  Blowing snow, wind, and bitter cold made a great hardship on the Continental Army.  About 2500 soldiers died here during that Winter from freezing to death, not enough to eat, disease,  and frost bite.  Washington requested many times for the Gov’t to send supplies for his Army, but they never came until late.  The 1st Continental Army Soldiers built huts, like the one you see above, to provide shelter during that Winter.  There were once 80 hut’s located around his HQ, but most of them never withstood the test of time.  The Park kept only a handful of them for Historical reasons.  These Huts had area’s for sleeping and cooking food.  Not much room inside.


Just a few of the Hut’s that are in the park where the Army stayed.


This was where the Officers of the Continental Army were housed.  The original part is on the extreme right.  The bigger portion was added on in a later time.  Now, there is something here that I wonder about.  Why did the Officers get housed in a much better place than what the Continental Soldiers did?  The troops were out there freezing and the Officers were in here!  I don’t think that was right at all!


This is the building where Gen. George Washington had his HQ at Valley Forge.  Again, he had it quite good compared to what his troops did. Although he did go out and check on his Army daily.  He was concerned about them.  I never did ask just who built this home back then.  Should have.


Taken off the Internet, this is what the camp looked like at that time.  Washington’s HQ is on the bottom right near the river.

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    1. To me, there is not really all that much there, but what is, is interesting on how so much different it was back then more than 200 yrs. ago. Cheers!

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