The weather was so nice and warm on Sunday, I packed up my Pentax and headed “out there” to go see what I could find.

Found this old Foundry Site with this huge gear on display.  Being a retired Machinist, this is what’s known as a Herringbone Gear because of the teeth of the gear.  These are big gears and were probably used to drive heavy machinery in the day.  Gears like this are machined separately and then matched together in Assembly.  They in turn, matched another set of gears, thus making the machine run.  The gear shaft is turned on a large Lathe and then Assembled to the mating gears.  The holes you see on the gear face are called “lightening holes” to make the gear lighter to turn.  Thus the name.

Back when this gear was being made, there were no such things like CNC Milling Machines or CNC Lathes (Computer Numerical Controlled) that would turn these huge products from a computer screen.  Of course, someone has to program them!  These gears were made, probably, on a manual Horizontal Milling Machine.  It took quite a while to make one of these.  It’s a long process from a blank piece of heavy steel/iron to make one of these.  I don’t know if I could even do this!

Thanks for reading.


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