OLD #225


A few weeks ago, I noticed this Steam Engine placed on the corner of RT61.  It’s never been here before.  What used to be here was some smaller buildings that were torn down to make way for a new Train Station.  Say what?!  I was told that there was a article in the local paper about it, but since I don’t get a paper, I didn’t see it.

It is being planned to build a Train station just off to the left of this Image.  Ground has been broken to start it, so far.  The Train will run from here to a historic town named Jim Thorpe that is up North of here, and beyond that I don’t know.  This will be a Static Display of the old Engine.  She does not run anymore.  Old #225 was once used to haul Coal from the Coal Region to power plants in and around our area.  Now, on display for all to see.  What other Train will be used, I have no info.  Maybe another Steam Engine?

This will be a nice thing to have here.  When the Station is complete, people can take Train rides up North and beyond instead of driving up there in a car.  How much it will cost, I don’t know.

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