“Out there” yesterday crusin’ the back country roads around my area, I happen to come across this old farm house that must have been here to awhile.  I thought that it was “interesting”, so I started walking around with the camera.  Since there were no “Private Property” Signs anywhere to be seen, I didn’t worry about being caught doing something that might get me shot at or thrown off the property.

You really can’t see this, but it’s a nice looking ole’ home despite the condition that it’s in.  What interested me was the stone work and the layout of the home.  It has/had a nice front porch and plenty of windows.  I wanted to go “snoop around” inside, but thought it would not be a good idea at the time.  You don’t know what/who is in there.  At one time in it’s past, this was probably a nice stone home and worth some tidy some of money.  What also got me is why is this home like this?  What happened here that it has gone to waste?  Who lived here?  Where are they now?  A number of questions that I’d like answered, but probably never will.  If someone that had enough money to restore this, it would be a great home to have.


About 100 yds. off to the left of the house stands this shell of a barn that I assume goes along with the house.  It sorta looks like there was a structure fire here and it burned to the ground leaving just the walls/framework.  Did the roof just cave in from neglect?  What was this used for and when?  I just don’t know.  It has lot’s of land in front of it, as you can see.  Was this barn the cause of the house to be abandoned?  Was it too much for the people that once lived here?  These questions will probably go un-answered.

Images taken by my Nikon Coolpix P600.



For some reason, during the Winter months, this area seems to be void of wildlife.  I have never seen any deer here at all.  Why?  Maybe there is not the right kind of food for them here.  I don’t know.  You don’t even see any tracks in the snow to show they were here.  There are plenty of places to hide in the over growth and trees.  Maybe I just came here at a wrong time.  Since this is a “Propagation Area” there should be something.  In area’s such as this, you are not allowed to enter.  If caught you can be facing a $1000.00 fine!  Looks like someone on ski’s took that chance!  Not me!  It’s not worth it.



Maybe some of you out there are wondering what kind of camera’s I use when I go “out there”?  Well, this is one of them.  The Nikon Coolpix P600.  It looks just like the one you see above.  I bought this camera about 1.5 yrs. ago because I did some reading about it and thought that this would be a nice well designed camera to carry around instead of the heavy Nikon D7000 that I also use.


Over times that I have used this camera, I found that it does have a bit of a problem.  When I am “out there” and using the screen to view my shot before pressing the button and the sun is out and very bright, I have a hard time seeing what is in the frame.  The brightness of the sun hides what I want to see on the screen.  I have tried looking thru the view finder, but that’s hard to do because it is quite small.  It truly does extend out to 60X what you will normally see.  With the press of that button, it will extend out to anything up to 60X.  Comes in handy.


This is what it looks like from the back end.  The view screen comes out and turns around to make viewing easier to what you want.  Without going into a bunch of description of what else it will do, I find that this is a nice camera for the price.  The last Images on the Post I just made were taken with this camera.  I like it.  It does all kinds of stuff and it’s easy to carry around.  Will also fit on a Tripod/Monopod when needed.  There are 2 other things that Nikon has not put into this camera and that is a RAW format, and a plug in for a remote shutter trigger.  What I do is use the 12 sec. timer when on my Tripod.



Still waiting for the warmth of Spring to arrive.


A walk down this road is one of my favorite places to go during all Seasons.  You never know what you’ll see.


Off to the left of this Image is the Farm that owns all this land.  They have a large open area for growing corn, and alfalfa for co-op farmers.  The planting, growing, harvesting, and keeping this farm must be a never-ending job.



This is Granants Church that has been here since the early 1800’s.  I have passed by this old Church many times in the past and always thought about Photographing it.  I finally did.  There are lot’s of old, old graves here.  I don’t know just how far back they go.  It does have a large congration, but how large I have no idea.

Taken with a Nikon Coolpix P600 camera.

Post processing by Lightroom 6


I was “out there” yesterday snooping around the back country roads for something to capture.  This is about all I could come up with.

After this snow storm we had a few day’s ago, the landscapes of farmland are slowly showing signs of Spring coming soon.  Winter is starting to loose it’s grip on the land that is around my area.  The snow is melting away, but not fast enough for me.  I’m looking more for Spring to arrive with warmer temperatures.

Shot with a Nikon Coolpix P600



Again, last year, while down at the Independence Park in Philadelphia, PA where allot of the History of our Country started, I went into one of the Museums that are available to walk around in and see for yourself actual Historical exhibits.

Above, you are looking at the real Mahogany Desk, that Ben Franklin actually used in his time.  Photographed behind the protective acrylic that surrounded this desk, it must be worth a fortune!  I don’t even think that a value could be put on this! This desk was taken from his residence when he lived in Philadelphia back in the 1700’s.  It’s almost hard to believe that this has survived more than 300 yrs.  Good ole’ Ben actually sat at this desk and wrote History.  It’s the same as the original Liberty Bell, which hangs in the Liberty Center for all to see.