I apologize for the wires in the Image, again!  This is the old Adams & Bright Drug Store that has been here in Hamburg since 1938.  It has changed very little since then, and still has the orginial shelves, drug bottles, and medical items from that era on display.


I went inside the ole’ Drug Store to see if it has remained much the same as it was when I was just a youngster.  I hasn’t changed.  Still the same as it has been all these years.  This is the original Soda Fountain from long ago.  Ice cream was 10 cents, and a Cherry Coke was 15 cents back then.  Not now!  The counter is also still the same!  When I came in with the camera, 2 Ladies were sitting where you see the menu on the counter.  I had to wait until they left to shoot this Image.

Thank you.