Just 2 day’s ago the weather was so very nice & warm, I went out looking for something to Post about in my Blog, since I’m running low on subjects.  About 2 Posts back I had made a Post about a new small Train Station that will be built just off to the right of this Image.  Since I had shot the Steam Engine (which is still there) I went “snooping around” to see what I could find below where I was.

I came across these old tracks that have not been used in many, many years.  These tracks were ones that led into the old Outer Station (which is now gone) and then to the Reading Terminal that is still there, but not being used for anything right now.  There is talk around that it will soon be used as a train stop on it’s way to Philadelphia, like it was so long ago.  I wanted to shoot the tracks from a different perspective, instead of the same ole thing all the time.


Here’s a Image in B&W looking down the tracks from the opposite direction.  I have no idea why these empty coal cars are here on a side track, but they make a good background.  Notce the piles of stone under the Coal cars.  You can tell by this that something is going to happen here.  The Railroad is trying to get the area looking better.


Here’s another look at what’s here.  More old tracks & ties that have been here for a long time.  Notice the train light is Red.  Don’t know why.  Nothing travels these tracks that I know of.  The Bridge above is rusting away.  It, too, has been here for many years.

I have been using a new Photo Editing Software called Lightroom 6.  A bit testy in price, but it does a outstanding job for your Post processing.  I can add a whole lot of “presets” that save me allot of time editing.  In the not to distant future, I’m going into the City and shoot the old Train Station in HD.

One thought on “SOME HD

  1. I admire photographers because they see what so many of us just walk on by. Such as this train – the photos do not need to be of castles and grand mountains every time – a world exists below our feet.

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