While walking around yesterday, I took this Image of something that you rarely see anymore on a Train pulling a number of cars.  A Caboose.

Years ago, this was the last train car that would be seen as the train went by telling you that everything has passed by and always signaled the very end.  These train cars were/came in a variety of different colors from red to blue.  Most of the time they were painted red.

They were also used to shelter the train crew while on a trip to a destination.  Most of them had sleeping quarters, a cooking stove to make meals, and benches to sit on while the train was moving.  Now, they are gone to History.  Many of the ones that are left are for static displays of what train life used to be.  Others sit alongside a side track just rusting away.

Just why they are not seen anymore is anyone’s guess.  Maybe they got too expensive to keep up.  Maybe the train does not have the crews they used to.  I don’t know.  Their must be a reason why.

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