Image 0948.jpg

I’ve noticed that I seem to get more likes when I post about something in B&W.  Seems more people out there like B&W Images than color ones.  Then, so be it.  I can do that.  I have found out for myself that B&W Photography has it’s place on certain shots.  Makes them look better, at times.  I do like B&W Images, but I don’t use it all that often.  Only when I feel that my Image looks better.

This is another thing that is not seen around here that much.  A old Train Signal.  Now, I’m not all that sure on how these work, but I am assuming that when the signal shows red, the arm will come down, thus stopping the train.  The Green light tells that the track is clear and to proceed.  I am to think that there is a Caution light, also, but not sure about that.

This Signal was just installed a few day’s ago.  It was not here before.  Again, it’s showing that some changes are coming to what I posted about before.  We will wait and see.

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