About 2 weeks ago, I went down to the Wildlife Refuge that is near here to see the awesome sight of all the Snow Geese that make this area one of their stop overs on their way North.

Upon arriving here I could hear all the Geese talking and I was not even very close to them.  There were literately thousands of these birds all swimming,  eating, and resting in and out of the water.  The estimate that I was told were in excess of 30.000 geese here at one time and there were more arriving everyday!  It is a UN-believable sight to behold!

Then, for either one reason or another, something or someone “spooked” the birds into flight.  All of these geese just launched themselves into the air, all squawking at one time!  The “roar” from thousands of geese taking flight is deafening to hear.  They all fly around for about 5 minutes and then land again in the same spot they lifted off from.

The Image above is just a small portion of the geese taking flight.  Their were so many, many birds!  I took this with a Pentax K10d camera.  The Lens was a Tamron 28-80mm.

By now, all the Geese are gone and on their way North.  They will return in the early Fall on their way South.  I will be there.

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