This is a place that I have played in a long time ago.  There is nothing here, except Coal Dirt that was placed here long ago from a dredging operation from the river.  What they scooped out of the river was dumped here.


The ole’ place has changed somewhat over the passing years.  When I played here, there were no ponds such as this one.  Years of snow & rain have created a depression for the water to lay in, thus creating a Wildlife area for ducks and waterfowl.


No Wildlife here, yet.  Nothing.  However, there is beauty in nothing.


The area has become a walking, bicycle, running, and a place just to observe what little Nature has to offer.  This whole area will soon be declared a Wildlife Sanctuary.

As in all my Posts, they are Grammerly correct.  Also, my Images are the sole property of me.  Want one?  Ask first.



Image taken with my NEW Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 Wide Angle Lens.

With this new Lens, I now have a much better field of view because of the Wide Angle.  The Image is taken right from the Pentax with no edit.  I like it.  I will use this Lens quite often!



Every year when it get’s close to Spring, the Snow Geese arrive at the Middle Creek Wildlife Sanctuary on their stop over to rest & eat.  There are really thousands of them to see with more & more arriving each day.  The Game Commission of PA says’s that the count is over 170,000!


This sight of Nature is truly a sight to see.  Thousands of Geese all taking flight at the same time!  The roar of their wings, plus the talking to each other, is a definite thing to behold.


Photographers and all Nature lovers come from miles around to see these Geese in their natural habitat.  The Game Commission Officers that are in the area, have to turn people away because the parking and car congestion get’s way too full to handle.  The Geese always stop here every year.  I venture to say that the food supply for them is enough because they stay here for a number of weeks before taking flight further North.  The droppings from the Geese help fertilize the ground for other wildlife.

Most all the time, the Geese always stay in a “Restricted Area” where no one is allowed to be in.  Very stiff fine’s are, and will be, enforced on those who don’t obey the signs posted.  A $1000.00 fine will be levied against you.  Most people adhere to the rules, but there are some who just want to ignore what they are told.  If they are caught, hell is to pay!  Some people think that it’s fun to chase the Geese, just to see what happens.  They find out!  It’s as simple as this.  Don’t chase the Geese!  Leave them alone.

Some of the Geese choose to rest outside the Restricted Area.  They just sit there and don’t seem to fear the human presence, for some reason.  You can get quite close, but only so far.  Then they just get up and waddle away.

I took these Images with my Pentax K10d using an 80-300mm Lens.



Hello to all my followers.  I’m still here and I know I have not Posted anything in awhile, but there is not much going on right now, except this.

One of the Lens’s that I don’t have is a Wide Angle Lens.  Decided to snoop around a bit and see what’s available out there.  After looking around in my favorite place to order stuff, I found this Rokinon Wide Angle 14mm f/2.8 Lens for a very decent price.  I read a number of reviews about it and found that most all of them were good.  There were a few bad one’s, but the ratio between bad and good was not bad.  Seems you can’t please everyone.  So, I decided to order this for my Pentax.

It came in the mail yesterday.  I was more than anxious to attach it to my camera to see how it looks and feels.  It’s great, so far!  Nice clear glass and no problem attaching it to the Pentax K10d.  I did notice that it is a bit on the heavy side, but I’d rather have that.  Cuts down on shake.  The other small problem is that the weather here has been just plain terrible.  Cloudy, windy, wet, and nasty for the past few days.  This does not give me much chance to take it out for a test run to see how well it works.  I’m hoping to “get out there” very soon.  This Lens should complete my collection for a long time to come.

There is one more thing.  The Lens Cover for it fit’s over the whole front of the Lens.  This is different than my other Lens’s.  All my other Lens’s have a spring loaded “cap” that just fit’s over the Glass.  Not this one.  I like the difference.  Covers the whole Lens and not just the glass.



“Out There” yesterday with my Pentax K10d.  Had a much welcome change in the weather.  It was up in the low 60’s.  Allot better than the low 30’s that is normal for this time of the year.

This is one of my favorite “go to” area’s to shoot Images.  Many years ago, this area was once a dumping ground for Coal Dirt dredged up from the river near-by.  Not much hear.  Lot’s of Coal Dirt.  Just full of it.  Not much wildlife, either, but it does have advantages when you just walk around and look.



Every Image that I take always has a story to it.  This one here is no exception.

I have stated many times that I enjoy going up into the Coal Region Area that is not too far away from me.  There is so much History there to be found and as you know by now, I enjoy “snooping around” in Historic Places.

The Historic St. Nicholas Coal Breaker, that I had Posted about before, is now long gone.  It has been torn down to make room for something.  There is nothing here anymore.  Just a huge empty, coal laden area.  There are some remnants of the old girl still laying around, but nothing really to show what used to be here.

When I took this Image the weather was cold & windy.  I was a bit on the fearful side about going in there.  Was not sure what I’d run into.  You never know.  But, off I went with my Pentax camera in hand, to walk around the empty building.  The ground was quite soft with years of Coal dirt mixed into it.  There is no way you could walk this area and have clean shoes.  Walking the area, your shoes become full of black dirt.  Had to stop here and there to stomp off some of the black stuff.

The Wind blowing around the old creeky structure did not help me much.  It sorta scared me a bit.  The wind made strange sounds blowing thru and around the old Breaker.  I had to stop a number of times to make sure it was just the wind and not something else that I don’t know about.  The large hole at the top of the Breaker made a “howling” noise from the wind blowing thru it.  I was always on the alert for anything!

I stayed around in the area for about 2 hrs. until the cold and the wind started getting to me.  Had to brush off my black, coal laden shoes before getting into the car.  I bid “Farewell” to the old girl and drove away with my heater on high.