Every Image that I take always has a story to it.  This one here is no exception.

I have stated many times that I enjoy going up into the Coal Region Area that is not too far away from me.  There is so much History there to be found and as you know by now, I enjoy “snooping around” in Historic Places.

The Historic St. Nicholas Coal Breaker, that I had Posted about before, is now long gone.  It has been torn down to make room for something.  There is nothing here anymore.  Just a huge empty, coal laden area.  There are some remnants of the old girl still laying around, but nothing really to show what used to be here.

When I took this Image the weather was cold & windy.  I was a bit on the fearful side about going in there.  Was not sure what I’d run into.  You never know.  But, off I went with my Pentax camera in hand, to walk around the empty building.  The ground was quite soft with years of Coal dirt mixed into it.  There is no way you could walk this area and have clean shoes.  Walking the area, your shoes become full of black dirt.  Had to stop here and there to stomp off some of the black stuff.

The Wind blowing around the old creeky structure did not help me much.  It sorta scared me a bit.  The wind made strange sounds blowing thru and around the old Breaker.  I had to stop a number of times to make sure it was just the wind and not something else that I don’t know about.  The large hole at the top of the Breaker made a “howling” noise from the wind blowing thru it.  I was always on the alert for anything!

I stayed around in the area for about 2 hrs. until the cold and the wind started getting to me.  Had to brush off my black, coal laden shoes before getting into the car.  I bid “Farewell” to the old girl and drove away with my heater on high.