Hello there to all my Followers.  This Post is going to be different than what I usually Post about.  Would like to tell you more about what goes on here sometimes.  This is about Miley.  She is a Pug/Jack Russel Terrier Mix.  She belongs to my Wife’s Son, Galen.  When he goes away for a few day’s on a trip, we get to watch over Miley.  She is such a great doggie to have around.

When Miley was much younger, she was a heck of a playfull dog.  She just loved to chase a ball of most any kind.  Would chase after the ball, and bring it back to you wanting more!  She really would wear herself out, but always came back again, and again.  She wanted to chase after squirrels in the yard, but I think they were way to fast for her.  I’m sure she’d try!  Miley is a very loving doggie.  She loved to play a “Tussle Game” where she pulls on one end of a toy, and you pull on the other.  She is quite strong for a medium size doggie.  She has sharp teeth, and can destroy a toy in minutes!  She has never, ever snapped at anyone.  If she is annoyed by something, she will just growl a bit and walk away.  You got to know when she does not want to be bothered.  Loves to be petted and have her back scratched.  She also can do things that you just have to laugh at.

Miley was a “rescued dog” from the SPCA here in Reading.  Galen got her at a younger age, and has had Miley ever since then.  Miley was so full of energy that it was hard to keep up with her.  We were told that Jack Russel Terriers are like that.  They don’t sit around much.  Are always ready for a run anywhere.

Now, age is slowly catching up with her.  She’s about 13 yrs. old now.  She also has another problem.  She is now totally blind and can’t see a thing.  Allot of money was spent on her to save her sight, but it just could not be saved.  She slowly lost her sight over time.

But, even though Miley is blind she still get’s around quite well.  I think that her nose & ears have taken over for her sight.  She smells everything and smells where she goes.  This way she can tell where she has been.  She also know’s our scent.  She follows along with us most all the time.  She still bumps into allot of stuff, but get’s to know what it was after a short time.  She can still play “fetch”, but must smell the ball first.  Throw the ball close by, and she will find it!

We enjoy having her around.  When she is taken out to “do her business” she smells her scent from before and knows where to go.

When Miley is gone, she will be sadly missed by everyone.  Her memory will last for a long, long time.  I know, that I will be one of them.

3 thoughts on “THIS IS MILEY

  1. Sweet dog, Les. If only we could all learn to “growl a bit and walk away” when we got annoyed. Great post. And that header photo of the flock of snow geese is excellent!

    1. Thank you very much, Jet. Yes, it would be great if we all could just “growl” a bit and just leave. Takes allot to do that for me. I’m told that I should show my work, but not sure where to do it. Be Well & Safe, Jet.

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