Located just outside the Historic town of Sharpsberg, MD.  During the Battle of Antietam this hill was occupied by the Confederate artillery.  At first the dead were buried where they fell on the battlefield, later on they were re-interred here.  A total of 4,776 Union soldiers rest here along with the dead from 4 other wars.  Separate, even in death, Confederate soldiers were buried in Hagerstown and Frederick, MD.


I have no idea what this nice looking building is for.





Civil War Cannon and Casion.  This is as close as I was able to get.  For some reason the National Park had a Red line strung all around this area.  No idea why.

By this time, it’s getting late in the afternoon.  Was getting more hotter and I knew I had a long drive home.  Thought that I’d better get going on my way.  I’m tired from getting in and out of the car, grabbing my camera gear, setting up the tripod, shoot the Image, and then put it back in the car only to do it all over again at the next stop.  However, I do enjoy Photographing Historic places, even though it can be allot of work involved.

Thank you.