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Hello to my Readers.  Hope all of you are doing well.

For many, many times now, I have tried and tried to capture Infrared Photography and try to process it to what it should be.  I’m finding out that I just can’t seem to get it right no matter what I do with the photo editing programs that I have.

I’ve been trying to get the sky to be a bright blue, with white trees, and grass.  I can get some of it right, but the Blue sky keeps being beyond my reach.  It would look so much better that way.  I have down-loaded a number of articles on how to do this, and even have a book on IR, but all this has featured limited results.  I think that I might stop doing this for a bit until I get a camera converted over to IR at Perfect Camera in Lancaster.  I checked on doing this and found my Pentax K10d can be converted to IR.  The only problem with this is that I can’t use the Pentax for any other type of Photography, except IR.  It won’t take anything else.

Once I have this done, which will take about 2 weeks to complete, I will get what I have been striving to do for a long time.

13 thoughts on “MORE INFRARED

  1. Try this, Google: Photography Life Kodak Aerochrome Film Reborn? A Review of the 550nm Infrared Filter and you’ll find the link. I posted it several times but with the link it goes to your spam comments. I hope you find it useful Les.

    1. Thank you! Just wanted to give you a bit of background to my IR Photography. I do not have a converted camera for IR. Just can’t seem to spend that much money on having a camera that only does 1 thing. So, I have been using my Hoya R720nm screw on filter that will attach to my 67 mm Pentax Lens. What I do is set the Pentax to Blub, focus the subject, change to Auto focus, then press my remote shutter and keep it open for 30 sec. I does make some good IR, but I have to adjust it in Lightroom CC. Have some problems with that! Can’t seem to get a nice, clear Blue Sky. I also do have Photoshop CC, but it is very confusing for me to get a great IR Image. Thank you for what you might be able to help with. Cheers, Les

      1. Les, I’ve replied to your email and attached a file to it for your perusal. Please check your spam folder if it’s not in your inbox. Have a great day. 🙏

  2. Les, just a postscript to your previous background message.. you need not give up your camera to shoot only one way. If you have your Pentax converted to full spectrum, you can shoot normally with a uvir cut filter on the lens, (manual wb will work better than auto wb in this case) or infrared by using infrared filters of various different wavelengths. Best of both worlds in one camera. Just a thought.

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