About 2 day’s ago I was writing a comment to a friend of mine on Facebook when all of a sudden my Laptop screen went totally blank!!  I sat here thinking “Oh Crap.  What went wrong now?”  I had no idea what happened.  I was dumb founded on what just happened.  I had no clue.

I sat here and thought to try and shut it off and let it re-boot itself.  OK, let’s try that.  I shut it down, waited a few minutes, then turn it back on.  It went thru it’s normal process, but when I signed in my main screen with all the icons never showed!  Now, what!?  In trying to repair this un-expected problem, I thought maybe I should shut it down again and leave it sit for a few hours, then see what happens.  Still thinking what happened and why.  There was no warning.  Nothing to show that something would go bad!

I let my Laptop here sit for about an hour and then started it up again trying to recover my Main Screen.  Ok, this time 1 icon showed up and that was for File Recovery.  Humm . . . . let’s see what this does.  I clicked on it and saw that there was a System Recovery button.  Thought that I’d try this and see what it does.  I clicked on System Recovery and it told me that my System will be recovered, but it will take some time.  That was fine with me.

I had to wait over 1/2 hr. for the System to recover, but everything works just fine now.  Thank goodness for that!!  I was thinking that I might have to take it to the Computer Repair again and pay more money!!  Nope.  Not this time.  I had no idea why it did this.  No clue at all.  Maybe just one of those stupid things Computers do.  I hope that this does not happen again.  Scared the poop out of me.

Feeling a whole lot relieved.

Thank You.