Hello there, my followers.  In relation to my last Post on Port Clinton Ave. I had stated that I’d go back up there and try to shoot a Image like the one above on how it looks today.  Well, I did do just that, but found that this Image would have been impossible to re-shoot.  The place where this was taken is so very over-grown with trees that their was no way to get it.  So, I did the next best thing.  The Images below are from where the Red Dot’s are placed.  It is way different than 200 yrs. ago.


This is what the TowPath looks like today, with the old Canal off to the left and the River to the right.


Looking into the old Lock #30.  Summer is a bad time to see what remains, because it get’s so over-grown.  Winter time is better.


This is the modern day Image of Port Clinton Ave.  The Lock & Canal are off to the left.  The road is almost the same as it was.  Just macadam, now, and not a dirt road.

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Thank you.

4 thoughts on “THEN & NOW

  1. In some areas, they’ve maintained the old canals and tow paths. They make wonderful places to walk and cycle. It also keeps the history alive. Does the tow path on this canal go far?

    1. In answer to your question, Yes it does. The old Towpath follow’s the Union Canal along it’s original path for more than 5 miles. Along the way there are wooden Posts with a number on it. The number will correspond to a written pamphlet that tells what was once there. Some of the Canal is still visible, but allot of it is gone into History. There are lot’s of people that use it. There are/were 37 Locks on the Canal. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Interesting post! How things change. Not long ago, I visited Syracuse, NY where the Erie Canal used to run right through the downtown area. It’s now Erie Boulevard, a “main street” in downtown.

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