The Fall Foliage is now starting to go into it’s final hoorah.  Color is not as bright as it has been a few days ago.  In a few days, Mother Nature will take it all away and make room for Old Man Winter.


Color’s of Red, Green, and Yellow will slowly fall away and leave nothing but a bare tree.


My old Play Ground has always had brilliant color as long as I can remember.  The Play Ground has changed over the passing years, but Nature always remains as it has for many years.

Again, heavy rain today will hasten the colorful leaves of Fall to drop off the trees.  We have had our share of rain all Summer long.  We just don’t need anymore.  It’s good that the temperatures are warm enough that it does not snow  .  .  .  yet!  If we continue to get more rain and the weather turns colder, it all will be snow!  Really don’t want that right now.

Thank you.

3 thoughts on “FALL IS LEAVING.

  1. I LOVE your header picture, Les. Even though Fall has not been it’s usual glorious self, hopefully this weather will turn warmer so that both of us can still find some Autumn treasures. My favorite picture is the last one. 🤗

    1. Thanks, Amy. The last Image, as I stated, is of my old Playground from long ago. I spent many day’s here during the Summer months, because my Mother had to work. My Father left her just before I was born. She had no one else to watch over me, so Mom would drop me off at the Playground and I was told to “Stay there until I come back to pick you up!” I did so or risk getting my butt beat! The old place has many memories for me that I can still remember. That colorful Play Set in the foreground was not there in my time. Just the Grey building still exists. The Sand Box is gone. The large Sliding Board is gone, and so is the Baby Swimming Pool. I walk these grounds, at times, and remember.

    2. Ooops! Think that I commented on the wrong thing before. Sorry about that. The Header picture is of the old Union Canal that used to be under water in the late 1800’s. Now, you can walk where water used to be.

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