As most of you already know, I love the Historical area of the Coal Region where so much History is still around, and some of it is gone but always remembered by those who know.

Just a few day’s ago, I had grabbed my camera gear, and headed back up to my favorite region looking for a specific area to try and find.  A long time friend of my Wife, who she has know since High School and has lived in Minersville all of her life, told her that there used to be a Colliery/Breaker up in a area called Primrose.  I knew about Primrose from before but just really never knew where it was located.

So, I packed up my camera gear and headed up to the region that she was talking about.  I sorta knew about where Primrose was, but not exactly sure.  Found out by calling my Wife’s good friend and asking her just where this place is.  Primrose is located just on the outskirts of Minersville on RT209 North.  Now, the reason I missed it was because you have to take a small road off the main one.  I never knew that.

I found Primrose. The little Town of Primrose was named after the Primrose Coal Vein that ran thru the area.  Upon arriving there I saw such a nice, quaint little Town nestled in a small valley.  It only had 10 or 12 very well kept white Homes that were all bunched together.  It was what you could call a “Coal Patch”.  I drove thru it hoping to catch someone outside so I could ask questions, but no one was around.  Drove down the dirt road as far as I could, but found nothing on where the Colliery used to be.  Turned around and came back the way I came in.  Frustrated that I did not find what I was looking for I left the area.  What I should have done is stopped and took a Image of this little “Patch” just to show you what it is.  So, anyway  . .  .  .


After coming home with nothing to show, I searched the Internet for what may be there about the Primrose Colliery/Breaker.  This is what I could find.


I know that this Colliery/Breaker is in the area that I looked for, but just can’t seem to find it.  I will be going back up there again in the near future and this time I’ll find it by asking around from those who may remember.

Thank You & Happy Holidays.

3 thoughts on “LYTLE COLLIERY

  1. I was there with my Dad summer of 2017 and we were able to locate the area where the mine had been. It is now capped with concrete. One of the old buildings is still there. My Dad’s Grandfather was the outside foreman for the mine. If I an able to find the address of where we were, I will let you know.

    1. Greetings, Beverly, and Thank you for responding to my Post. I appreciate that. I have great interest in the Coal Region area, because there is so much History there from the past. I live here in Reading and it’s about a 40 min. drive up there. My Wife was born & raised in Minersville, PA that is just down the road from the old Coliery. When I was up there, I did not walk around a whole lot, because I was not sure where mine shafts might be. It took me 2 day’s to find the place! Located just outside of Minersville on RT 309. I even talked with the owner of the place. He told me lot’s of stuff about it. I knew the Mine was there somewhere, but thought it better not to venture around too far. If you have more information about it, please let me know. Would like to hear from you. Regards, Les.

  2. My Dad grew up in Minersville also. He is 96 now and lives out here in Oregon. His Dad was the first aid officer at the colliery and his Grandfather was the outside foreman. I tried to send some old pictures that he has but I was unable to figure out how to do it on this link.

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