I’ve been doing something different for the past few day’s.  I got the idea of purchasing one of those Dash Cams for the car to film where I go.  Made this video after dropping our taxes off to be done.  I’m hoping that it works right.  This is the very first time I’ve done this, so if it’s not right, I’ll try and repair.

I’ve tried to add some narritave to the video, but found that my old mic does not work with this newer laptop.  Guess that I have to get a new one sometime.

Reading, PA is where I have lived most all my Life.  I don’t live in the City, just on the outskirts of it.  I try and stay out of the City as much as possible, because it has changed so much over the passing years.  It’s not what it used to be at all!

In my younger years I remember the City as being a vibrant place with lot’s of stores to shop in.  It’s not that any longer.  Crime and Drugs have runined the City and have been for many years.  The once Historical District of the City is slowly falling apart.  Only the Homes that are more than 100 yrs. old are still being kept in repair, because it’s the Law in Reading.  My video goes right thru the Historic District.

The Dash Cam works real nice.  All I had to do is mount it on the inside front window, plug in power, and press the Record button.  Had to purchase a 32 G Micro Chip for the memory.  I take that out and down-load it to my laptop, then try and share it with you.  I think in the near future I will be doing more like this.

Oh yes.  To get this video on my Site, I had to up-grade my WordPress.  I hope that it was worth it.

Thank you for viewing and stopping by.



  1. I’ve been thinking about adding a dash cam to my car, probably more for insurance purposes than anything else. Just curious, what brand and model dash cam did you purchase?

    I also recently upgraded my WordPress account. I’ve hesitated on posting videos because I couldn’t upload them. I’d have to post on YouTube and then link to them. Too much work. I ran out of space on my WordPress “free” account so now that I’ve upgraded, I’ve got more space. I will have to check if my level supports video uploads.

    1. Hi there, John. Adding a Dash Cam to your car, would be a good thing. I bought mine on ebay. It works pretty good and I use it, as you saw, to film where I go and what’s around my area here in PA. To up-load a video to my WordPress account, I also had to upgrade. It would not take a video without it. Since I can’t show you here on my response, I will make a Post about it. Hope you are doing well over there! Nice talking with you. If you so desire, my Cell number is 484-332-0950. Please do not hand this number to anyone without my permission.

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