I have a number of books.  Most of the books I have are on History, Photography, Instructional, and The Civil War.  But, there is a big problem that I seem to have.  That is I just can’t seem to sit down and read what I have!  I’ve had this problem for a long, long time.

Just why I have this, I have trouble explaining.  I can remember back in HS, when I was told to read a number of chapters in the book, but never really did.  I should have.  Would probably have gotten better grades.  Why do I still have the same problem?

I will go buy or order a book that has my interest.  I want to read about it and what the Author is trying to tell the reader.  I want to know what is being told, but I just don’t do it!  I have just received books I ordered named “The End of Detroit, The Story about the Purple Gang in Chicago, and The Story about Scarface and the Untouchables”  They have been sitting around for awhile now.  I’ve picked them up, read a few paragraphs, then put it down.

I’m finding that if the book does not hold my interest from the very start I’ll get bored with it!  Then later on, I’ll try again, but the same thing happens.  I’m told that reading a good book is very good for your brain and well being.  Is it?  Don’t know that.  Maybe what I should do is just force myself to start reading and hold yourself to it.  Read slowly and understand what the Author is telling you.  Maybe I just don’t have the patience to keep reading?  Not sure.

I’m going to keep trying.  With constant doing I just may get into more reading about what I want.  Maybe some of you out there have the same problem?  Leave me a comment, if you want.


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4 thoughts on “READING A BOOK

  1. Ahhh so many books, so little time 🙂 My general MO is to give it a good five chapters. If I’m not hooked by then – next. There’s just too many books out there, you know?! 🙂

    1. I agree. Time is too precious to waste it on a book that doesn’t hold my interest. I have a tendency, too, though, to own more books than I can read, and instead of fInishing one, start the next…

  2. I don’t know if you’ve tried audio books or not. Some of us are better auditory learners than visual. I love to read but am slower than I’d like. I often end up reading the same paragraph repeatedly. Sometimes I will use an auditory version of a book at the same time that I’m reading it and I get to speed up the time greatly that it takes to finish. I love Audible and listen to books while I drive, clean, exercise, and piddle. If the book turns out to be really good he keeps me being productive whether it’s cleaning out a drawer or getting in my steps for the day. I don’t often listen while I walk outside because I am joy Nature Sounds too much but inside is pretty boring exercising to me so it makes it lots more enjoyable. I think you can get a free trial membership to see if you would like it if that is of any interest to you. Also podcasts can serve the same way as reading if you find the right ones on the topics that you’re interested in. Those are just my thoughts.

    1. Thank you for your thoughts on my Post. Yes, I have tried Audible, but not all that much. I do have it on my Cell phone, but also found that it cost’s money to have a book read to you. I also have tried Podcasts, but don’t really know which ones are good & which are bad. There are times that while out on a photo shoot, I will listen to 60’s Rock & Roll, but it takes away my consintration on what I’m doing.

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