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For the past 6 months now, I’ve had the Software Photoshop CC.  In my opinion it’s a real nice photo editing software that will do so very much.  The problem I’ve been having with it is that I just don’t understand all the functions that it will do.  I have struggled with this program for a long time trying to use it the way it should be.  I have read and down-loaded many of the Tut’s that are offered via the Internet and I still have problems understanding.  The simple things I can do, but when it get’s more complicated I’m stuck.  I have tried many times to read what is told to me to do, but every time it comes out not as good as what they show me.

The Program also takes up a whole lot of memory when I use it.  I’ve found that the memory here on my Laptop is not big enough.  I seem to always get a warning that my memory here is too full and it can’t complete what I’m trying to do.  So, after much consideration I decided to get rid of it and not use it any longer.  No use using something that does not work well for me.  It’s now gone.  I will use Lightroom CC which I think is much easier to use.

About the Image above, it’s of the abandonded Day’s Inn that I’ve posted about before.  I have gotten word recently that the place caught fire and burned to the ground.  I thought this would happen.  I was told that the Engine Company’s took their good ole’ time responding and getting water on the structure.  I think that this was done because it’s not wanted in the area any longer.  I can understand that.  There were numbers of “unwanted” people living in there, so I think that the place was set on fire by arson.  I have not gotten up there yet to see what is left, but I will in the future.


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3 thoughts on “PHOTOSHOP CC

  1. Hello, Les, I’ve recently had to switch photo editing programs, too, and I chose Affinity Photo. I didn’t like that with the new Photoshop you have to have a subscription. Affinity works quite nicely, I’m pretty happy. Cheers!

    1. Hey, thanks for your comment. Like I stated before, I’m not going to use Photoshop CC any longer. Lightroom CC does a whole lot that I still don’t know about. I looked up Affinity to see what it’s all about. Does not look too bad. Enjoy! Cheers to you.

  2. I’ve used Photoshop alone for a long time, then discovered Lightroom and now use both for every image. Lightroom for RAW files then Photoshop to resize and edit further. I have older stand alone versions that still work with Windows 10 and I’m dreading having to go with a subscription. Don’t forget the presets by themselves or at a starting point in Lightroom. I’ve also made a few of my own for grayscale, sharpening and noise reduction. The best books are by Adobe but a lot of it is online.

    Nice new selfie Les!

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