Back many years ago when I was much, much younger than what I am today, this place has some pretty good memories for me.  I does not look like much to you, nor is there much left of the old Barn that once stood here and belonged to the Moselem Springs Orchards.  Apples, cherries, pears, and pumpkins used to be sold here back in the early 60’s.

During that time the Orchard wanted some people or pickers to come out and help pick sweet cherries off their trees, that were located across the road and up a dirt road.  Well, my Cousins, were up visiting from Philadelphia one week-end and we got word of this.  Thought that it would be a good idea to earn some money and have a good time doing it.  All we had to do was show up in the early morning, sign a sheet of paper, climb on a tractor pulling a wooden wagon, and go up to the orchard to start pickin’ cherries.  There were lot’s and lot’s of trees to pick that were just full of red sweet cherries.

We got started climbing around on and in the tree collecting all the cherries we could pick.  At times, we used a ladder if there was one around.  Most of the time we climbed up into the tree to get what was at the top.  We had to fill a sorta large wooden box with cherries and at the end of the day, we loaded what we picked on the wagon, took it down to the above Barn, had it weighed, and were paid 10 cents a pound!  The wooden boxes weighed about 30 lbs. when full, so we could fill as many as we could.

We did this for 2 day’s and made a few dollars.  Just enough to use for some candy or what-ever else we could find.  While pickin’ there were lot’s of “cherry fights” and once in a while a tree limb would break from others climbing in the trees.

Now, more than 50 yrs. have passed by, but I still remember what was here.  There is hardly anything left of the old Barn.  That’s why I drew a “ghost outline” of what/where it was.

Just another Image to show some of the foundation that once was the barn.  Who owns this property now, I have no idea.  It’s just rotting away into History.

Soon there will be nothing left.  Nature reclaims everything.


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In walking & driving around the Coal Mining town of Shenandoah, I happen to see this Historical marker placed on the side of a back street.

Here it shows what happened here many years ago, that most people don’t know about.  During the early day’s of when Coal was King in this area, there were a few strikes against the Coal Companies.  Ones like this one got a little nasty, because the working condition’s in the Mines must have been bad.  Hundreds of Miners went on strike to have their demands met.  At some of them, Miners were killed by shootings or beat to death.  They fought for what they thought was right.  It probably was.  I don’t really know if all this happened right at this spot, but it was sure to be close by.  There was nothing else here to show what happened in this area, except this sign to show for all to know.


There was some more things I’ve noticed.  Like I stated in my previous Blog about Shenandoah, there were a number of abandoned & burned out homes.  Seems that for some reason there were many structure fires.  Just why, I don’t really know.  Maybe because the homes are old and caught fire for either one reason or another.


Here’s some more.  However, with this it looks as if the whole block almost went up in flames.  This one involved some other homes.  Don’t have any clue which one started the whole thing, but I’ll bet this was a real mess to put out.  These buildings just might be torn down.  Going to take a lot to rebuild.


On my way Home, I saw this abandoned building.  I have no idea what it used to be, but it’s another neglected piece of History that no one seems to care about. 

On a side note, I apologize for all the stupid wires that I just can’t avoid when shooting these Images.  Going to learn how to make them disappear.


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In relation to my last Post about the J.W. Cooper building I noticed some other strange things while walking around Shenandoah, PA.  I noticed a lot more empty homes.  More than usual, I would venture to say.  Like I have stated before, the Coal Mining town of Shenandoah is very Historic in the day’s when Coal was King.  I have been up to this town on 3 or 4 different occasions, but never really noticed what I did now.


It seemed to me that there were many homes that were falling apart from sitting around with no one there.  This is just one of the 3 that I saw.  Years ago, I don’t think that Shenandoah was ever like this.  Yes, there might have been some homes being neglected, but not this many in my opinion.  I think that I may know why, but not sure.


Over the passing years, the town started getting “other” people moving in.  Most of them were from New York or New Jersey, but not sure.  The long time residents of Shenandoah, started moving out and buying another home someplace else.  Most long time people stayed here, because it’s their Home for many years.  I was told that drugs & crime were on the rise here and that just made things worse than what they already were.  People didn’t like that at all!  The people of the Coal Region were always a hard working, beer loving’ people and would give you the shirt of their back to help you out.  I’m not so sure that this is still true up here.  There have been many changes.


Here is just one example of what I mean.  I had stopped in a local eating place to ask some questions.  Usually the people are very friendly.  However, this time I had a “feeling” that I was not welcome.  The 4 Patrons in the eatery looked at me as to say, “Who are you?”  “Your not from around here!”  “What are you doing with all that fancy camera stuff?”  This is what I felt.  Maybe I was just letting my mind run to far, but locals up there know “who is who”  They know just about everyone in or around the town.  It’s just the way it is up there.  So, when a stranger appears, the people know it.  Now, I’m hoping that the friendly part of Shenandoah will never stop.