B&W to Color


I know that I’ve posted a B&W Image before that was taken in Paris France sometime in 1944 just before my Mother & Father were married.  This is a color Image that I made using my Paint Shop Pro X9 Ultimate Program.

I tried to get the color of Army Uniforms as close to the real thing.  I didn’t know the color’s, so had to do some research on them.  This is about right.

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Hello there to my Followers.  Hope everyone is doing well.

During these long Winter months, I spend some of my time doing coloring with Glitter Pens.  I happen to notice these Pens on Amazon that would color, but with an added extra to them.  They color with a bit of Glitter to them.

I’ve been looking all over the Internet for Coloring pages that you can down-load for free, print them out, and use them to color with.  There is so, so much out there!  I tend to go for pages that are Nautical, Flowers, Owls, or something else that may get my attention.  It is said that doing coloring is very relaxing to do, but not sure of that so far.  I ordered a pack of these Pens that have over 100 different colors to use.  All you have to have is a knowledge of color and what color goes with what.  Or you can just color what looks nice to you.  I like bright colors!

The above page is an anchor that I’m coloring right now.  It takes time to do this, but I work on it here and there.  No hurry if you want it to be right.

So, if you need something fun to do, give this a try.  Sorry, the Image is a bit blurry.



Isn’t this Great Horned Owl pretty with all the different colors they have?


This is my rendition using Color Gel Pens of the Great Horned Owl.  It took me weeks to color this.  Tried to match the color of the real thing, but it’s tough to do.  The real Owl is much prettier.




Something else that I’ve been doing over these past few weeks, is coloring.  Remember back a few Posts ago, that I had posted about doing this and wanted to see what it’s all about.  Well, over time I have found out that you can do all sorts of things.  There are lots, lots, and lot’s of patterns out there that you can use to color.  What I did is order some coloring books and see what I can do.  Now, I must state here that these are not my designs.  All I did is add the color scheme to it.  I love the colors of the 60’s, during the “Hippie, Peace, and Love years.  There are so many different designs to use.


This is another one that I colored in.  Remember the song by the Beatles from the album Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band?  “Look for the girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes and your gone.”  This is where I got that idea from.


With this one I tried to show the Sun in a different manner.  Instead of being all one color, as the sun is most of the time, I brightened it up from the Hippy Years that I remember so well.  Also, I’ve got to mention that these designs are very bright and colorful, they are not real easy to paint.  Using my Paint Shop Pro X7 Program I can use all kinds of different bright colors.  I try to stay within the Lines of the Design, plus figuring out what colors go with which ones.  Trying to make it as colorful and bright as I can.  Lines are not totally straight and I know it, but it’s not all that bad.  I hope that you like them.  If you want something to keep your mind busy and create a colorful design, give this a try and you’ll see.

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Over the past few weeks, I have learned that there is a new “Fad” going around that has started.  It’s Coloring.  It’s just like coloring in a coloring book that you used to do as a kid, but this time your using colored pencils, crayons, & water color.  There seems to be a whole lot of people out there doing this now, because it has taken the Country by storm.  It is being said that this thing is supposed to be relaxing, calming, and a exercise for your brain.  What you do is go out and buy a coloring book that has all kinds of different patterns to work with. They are all lined in the features of many different things for you to choose from.  The above Image shows you a coloring pencil kit that can be purchased, among many other types out on the market these day’s.


Here is just one of the many, many types of “figures” you can use that come in a book.  The book that I chose to work with is called “Jungle Flora”.  It has all kinds of different jungle patterns that you have to color in.  I chose the Great Horned Owl for a starter, because I enjoy seeing Owls and think that they are interesting.  There are so many different types.  I just started doing this a day or so ago, so I’m not all that far with it.  It takes a bit of patience to do this.  Choosing the right color and stay within the lines is as it used to be.  After I’m done, my Owl should look like what is below.  I hope!  Oh yes, there is one more thing.  Your not given a number to correspond with a color.  You have to use your imagination!


This is what I want to get as close to as possible.  The Great Horned Owl.  Is He not pretty or what?  So many colors.  Those eyes seem to look right thru you, don’t they?

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