There are a number of old Farmsteads in and around my neck of the woods.  This is another one.  This one is registered on the Berks County National Historical Sites.


More of the Farm area.


The old Barn.  My car sits in the background.  If you haven’t noticed from my previous Posts, most of the old Barns all have the same shape and size.  Guess back then it was a common practice.



Here you can see just how common “Cold Cellars” used to be.  This one is under repair.


A few of the real old structures have a plaque, usually up on the junction of the eves.  There are some that don’t have anything.  Others have a plain cement plaque located on the side of the house somewhere that say’s when it was built.  The sign out front of the property say’s “Jacob Keim Farmstead 1753.”  This one say’s 1732.  Maybe this is when the house was built.  The rest came later on.

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Greetings to you all.  Sorry that I have not been posting much here lately, but I’m still comfortable with that.  I just don’t post about any ole’ thing.  I try to give something interesting out to those who enjoy History, like me.  I also try to photograph interesting subjects that are around my area.

Here is a group of old buildings that must date back to the early 1800’s.  They were on a abandoned farm that I just happen to come across one day while driving around the back roads.  You can tell they are rather old, by the way the stone is on the structure and how the windows look.  Just how old these are I have no clue.  Someone still own’s the property, because the grass is kept mowed.  Maybe for Historic reasons.


Old Barn.  There is no one here.  HDR by Photomatrix.


Flour Mill.

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